T-shirts are always an indispensable item for each of us, especially for men, because t-shirts are popular, convenient, easy to wear and easy to coordinate, it is suitable for most men – people who always love the comfort and often exercise a lot. In the past, plain t-shirts were the type of shirt that men often chose to wear under their military uniforms to absorb sweat, but today men’s t-shirts have become a common item, worn from the inside out. Because of that, t-shirts for men have been stylized and more creative with unique textures and images. So, how was t-shirt born and developed, have you found out yet?

History of the Birth and Development of Clothing

When the beginning of evolution from ape to man is when all body hair disappears. However, at that time, our ancestors did not have the concept of clothes.

Animals and plants have adapted to have an outer layer of protection against the effects of the weather. But when humans have no body hair, there is no such ability. When cultivation and production began to form, the impact from the outside world became more and more obvious, requiring people to have something to protect and shield their bodies.

They use leaves, animal skins or shells, and snails to cover their bodies. Initially the people who used them were usually magicians with mystical magic, or clan chiefs, or elders, who were prestigious and revered by everyone in their tribe.

The first layers of clothing are used for the purpose of protecting the body. Gradually, people feel that clothes make them more beautiful and attractive.

What Was the First Costume of Our Ancestors?

It is said that the first piece of clothing is the “fur coat”. A costume made from two rectangular pieces of animal skin. This garment has a seam on the shoulder, a pullover, and the rest of the fabric hangs down and covers the body. To be more secure, our ancestors used belts or ties to fix two pieces of cloth on the body.

T-Shirt History

This one is also called “T-shirt” in English. Because if you look from the front, you will see that the shirt design is quite similar to the T-shape.

T-shirts were first designed in the early decades of the twentieth century. At that time, men’s t-shirts were originally designed and used to ward off the cold and were often used by military personnel as an undergarment behind a military uniform.

For the purpose of avoiding the cold, the first t-shirts used were wool and linen. Because soldiers always have to fight with harsh conditions on the battlefield. So, the t-shirt for men is an indispensable part to fight with nature.

Later, T-shirts became popular with industrial workers who worked in hot and humid conditions. Due to the need for comfort and coolness, T-shirts are gradually being replaced by cotton. This will help the

shirts have good sweat absorption and dry feeling for these special occupations.

In 1938, Sears released the first version of the t-shirt, called the gob shirt. It is similar to today’s modern t-shirt design. Both act as underwear and can be worn as an everyday outfit.

Although born early, t-shirts were only really popular when Marlon Brando and James Dean, two veteran movie stars of the action movie genre, wore them on the small screen and because they are convenient, simple and not too fussy, well meet the needs of comfort with complex movie operations. Because of that, t-shirts began to be popular with the public, regardless of industry, age or gender.

Men’s T-Shirts Trend Today!

T-shirts today are modern and increasingly diverse and meet all human needs. You can see they are rich in both materials, designs, prices, brands, etc.

The trend of choosing men’s t-shirts depends on age. Young men often prefer colorful, eye-catching outfits with outstanding designs. Because they are at an exciting age and love to explore new things. And clothes are a part to express the individual ego of this age.

But when you are in your 30s, 40s, and have experienced many things in life, the clothes will tend to be simple and compact. Because when you’ve been through nearly half of your life, you’ve become calmer and more mature. Therefore, the color of the outfit also becomes delicate and gentle, showing the simplicity of the lifestyle.

Final Thought

But no matter what age you are, you cannot avoid the wheel of modern and busy life. Social work and family work requires you to always keep it simple, and eliminate things that are not really necessary in your life. The fashion of modern men will also be like that, minimalist but still elegant, luxurious and attractive. So, this is also the reason why t-shirts take the throne.