Every woman has a right to wear the nail polish she likes. So, how can nurses be different? They should also get the opportunity to wear their favorite nail polish colors while on the job. But, do hospitals and their management allow nail polish as a part of their nurses’ dress code? It can be a trick question, but there should not be any issues if the nurses take proper care of their nails and wear high-quality products like OPI nail polish colors.

So, let us discuss what nurses should know about wearing nail polish to their jobs.

Nurses Should Know About Wearing Nail Polish to Their Jobs

Check out the hospital policies

Though there are no restrictions on nurses wearing nail polish while on their jobs, every hospital might have its unique dress code policy. Some hospitals strictly disallow nurses from wearing nail polish, but most maintain diplomatic silence over the issue. So, we advise nurses to check the hospital’s dress code policy and act accordingly.

Nurses should be careful

A nail polish enhances a woman’s beauty to the next level. But the nail polish can contain harmful or toxic substances that can affect a patient’s health, especially if her nails come in contact with the patient’s body fluids like blood, sweat, saliva, semen, urine, etc. So, nurses should be careful about what they wear. We suggest they select the most hygienic nail polish colors when wearing them to hospitals. OPI polish color is one of the best because it is free from all toxic chemicals.

While there are no restrictions barring the nurses from wearing nail polish, they should be careful to trim their nails and not have long or elongated nails that can hamper their work. Secondly, hygiene is crucial. So, nurses should clean their nails with disinfectants frequently. Therefore, they should wear nail polish products that suit their lifestyle.

Nurses should not have artificial nails because they can come off at critical times and harm the patient’s overall health and hygiene. Instead, they should have short nails and use simple nail polish instead of acrylic nails. Similarly, they should also avoid dip powder manicures during their duties because the dip powder can accidentally contaminate the patient’s fluid samples and medicines.

Having nail extensions can also result in frequent chipping of their nails. It can be risky and put the patient’s health at risk. So, nurses should be extra careful when wearing nail polish.

Nail Polish Colors That Suit Nurses the Best

The question that plagues nurses the most is which colors to wear while on the job. Can they wear flashy shades, or should they select simple colors that do not look as glamorous? Unfortunately, the debate about their choices will continue till eternity. Still, we recommend the following nail polish colors for nurses that do not interfere with their work and make them look presentable.

The neutral colors are the best

We suggest nurses wear neutral nail colors that best match their skin tone. Remember that nurses need not look glamorous while on the job. Their responsibilities do not require them to look their best 24×7. But, wearing neutral nail colors can make them look beautiful simultaneously. It suits them and does not interfere with their work. OPI nail polish colors are available in an extensive range of neutral colors.

The French manicure is simple

Many nurses have asked me whether they can have a French manicure while at work. Of course, I have told them they can, provided they choose the conventional French manicure and the fashionable variants. The traditional French manicure has a neutral or pink base with a white line to cap the edges. This color is the best combination for a nurse because it allows them to have gel nail polish and not worry about affecting their patients’ health.

The matte finish is ideal

Nurses do not have glamorous jobs, so they do not need to show off their glossy nails while working in hospitals. First, the matte finish is ideal because it looks beautiful without being overly attractive. Secondly, the matte finish suits the neutral colors more than glossy ones.

The light brown or cream finish can do

Not all nurses are fair-skinned to carry off the light pink shades. So, we suggest that tanned-skinned women choose the golden brown or creamy finish that suits their skin tone.

Final Thoughts

Many nurses feel that having nail polish on their nails can affect their work. But, it is not so. Good quality nail polish like OPI polish color is safe to wear almost everywhere. In addition, the nail dries quickly and does not react with chemical fluids. So, these colors are perfect for nurses. However, nurses should be careful about hygiene. Hence, they should not have long nails that can chip or pick up dirt.