Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial inauguration of summer. The weekend is a good excuse to head somewhere and relax. This is also the perfect moment to review your summer regalia. Are there enough t-shirts? Of course, every outfit is complete with casual accessories like a leopard-skin bag with leather straps, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes.

A memorial day t-shirt is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. A lot of people will wear tee shirts all weekend long! Have sneakers, shorts, jackets and black tee shirts ready.  MDW demands a casual, elegant, and stunning look. Bright colors and fluorescent types are ideal.

How to Dress on MWD?

You need a bold and stylish appearance on MDW. The first step in dressing up is wearing proportional clothes. As such, get to know your measurements before adding summer clothes. Here is a list of four dimensions that will guide you to know your body type:

The waist, measure the narrowest part of your bodice, usually above the belly button. Leave at least half an inch to allow growth. The bust, measure out your full bust but do not hold the tape tight. Hips, measure out the fullest part of your hips. Shoulders, it can get tricky measuring the broadest part of your shoulders; let someone help you.

When it comes to body types, use accurate measurements to choose clothes. People with the hour-glass body type can fit into many designs, people with broad hips and narrow shoulders (triangle body types) should avoid oversized clothes. Baggy outfits can greatly impair their appearance.

Knowing your body well will help you choose fitting clothes. Remember that comfort is desirable in summer as it is in winter time. A good brim hat is a good idea to protect your eyes from direct sunlight, berets and baseball caps also compliment summer outfits in a spectacular way.

How to Match a T-Shirt on Memorial Day Weekend

T-shirts look great with boots and a leather jacket. A pair of distressed shorts can also compliment graphic tee shirts naturally. Comfortable shoes work to add the benefits of a lightweight, airy memorial week shirt. Avoid choosing two high contrast colors, for example, yellow and light blue. Instead, choose a mix of high contrast and dark colors.

One of the most important items for a weekend out is a backpack designed with many compartments. A multi-pocket bag is useful to keep items such as keys, cards, or phones safe during transit. Preferably, the bag should have room for a water bottle, umbrella and other casual accessories.

Good bags have a special compartment for keeping folded tee shirts, and others to hold pens, torches, and other useful items. A book or tutorial can also enhance Memorial Day week. In this article, we focus on five great tee shirt outfits listed in ascending order of rank:

Top Five T-Shirt Outfits – A Designer’s Countdown

Shoes are probably the greatest influencers of the outcome of a Tee shirt outfit. The choice between sandals and boots dictate the feel of the outfit. This makes tee shirt outfits flexible and easier to embellish.

Matching shirts with peep-toe shoes, jewelry and belt will make an ordinary tee outfit look glamorous.

Biker Shorts and Oversized round Neck Shirts

This outfit can give you a trendy feel and look without trying too hard. A black tee shirt is particularly appealing since it is compatible with many colors. If desired, the shorts should also be baggy.

Sleeveless Shirts with Denim Trousers

Sleeveless shirts tucked in jeans have the capacity to look formal or casual. This is a great choice for outdoor events, dancing, or hiking. A sleeveless outfit gives you the privilege of enjoying the many hours of sunshine during summer


Tee shirts can match blazers in an amazing way. A maroon blazer, for instance, can take or a black or white t-shirt. Turtle neck shirts make a better compliment for blazers. It is the blazer that gave tee shirts acceptance in formal contexts.

Flowing Skirts

A tee shirt can be a powerful match for a multi-colored dress or skirt. Sleeveless or Y neck shirts can perform this role satisfactorily. The outcome is a simplistic, elegant casual look. High-heeled strap shoes will give an executive finish.

Power Suits

Customized shirts are a great option for accompanying suits for men and women. Dark tee shirts also compliment brightly-colored skirt suits well. A well-designed navy blue suit looks awesome with a white tee shirt. Accessories to accompany this gorgeous outfit include sunglasses, necklaces, and matching handbags.


Do not forget to carry along a black tee shirt during Memorial Day week. Black tops mix well with cream or navy blue. A good Memorial Day outfit will last you through summer. Choose the best, look great, and feel greater.